I have a dream


One day, the world will become clean and brightness by our effort.


One day, Hero-Land company’s staff, wherever they go, will get envious eyes from other people.


One day, our customers will take pride in cooperating with us.


One day, our name will bring glory to our motherland.


I hope you struggling and diligently work like me to realize the desire of Hero-Land Company.


I hope we still can see Hero-Land Company spreading its wings to fly when we old.


I hope our successors, just like you and me, can sparkle the shine of Hero-Land at the top of cliff where we have already been soil


Our service industry and purpose:


Rubber Industry: instead of the infectant and dangerous chemical of talcum powder and gasoline etc. to lighten the harm for human body.


Fur and Feather Industry: instead of the product of phenol to lighten the harm for human body, try making the dye’s degree of dyeing to reach the highest to reduce the discharge amount of the dye into sewage.


Paper-making Industry: provide more environmental product for waste paper recycling, saving water resource and forest resources.


Oil Extraction Industry: changing intrinsic non-biodegradable raw material and using protection environmental and degradable raw material instead of stratum water injection chemicals to improve the pollution degree of ground water.


Metal Processing Industry: instead of the using of original hazardous substance and Non-biodegradable substance to reduce effluent concentration of polluted water.


Waste and Old Materials Recycling: aim at the decoloration and deinking of waste plastic and waste cloth to increase waste varietal reutilization ratio and save original biological resources and oil resources.


 Our mission:


We devote ourselves to provide the product and service of more environmental protection, higher efficiency and greater benefit for customers. We work hard and pleasant for creating our common blue sky and white cloud, clear pool and blue water, flowers and green grass, long street and thick land.


Our prospect:


To be the magnate of International top-level chemical industry who make a contribution to environmental protection and energy conservation.


Our core value:

 Customer    Responsibility    Team    Innovating


Our core competitiveness:


  In the field of chemical auxiliaries we have the comprehensive abilities of team development ability team-based organization ability and team executive force ability that provide the product and service of high quality, environmental protection, energy conservation, synergistic for customers.



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