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<The pollution and environmental science exchange advanced practical technologies>
                                                                             - Tianjin Hero-Land S&T Development Co., Ltd

My company is a great pleasure to receive the invitation of the STATE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ADMINISTRATION OF BeiChen district, to participate in the “scientific and advanced environmental protection practical technology display fair”. Visited the PM2.5 at the meeting, the pollution control of coal combustion, desulfurization denitration, volatile organic compounds, dining lampblack, industrial waste water enterprises, industrial parks, large-scale livestock and poultry farms, crevices or (pond), and other pollution control at home and abroad advanced technology and equipment, and related enterprises to carry out environmental protection technical discussion and study.

At this meeting we listened to the domestic well-known experts, they explain the situation and countermeasures for the control of air pollution and water pollution, and water special major achievements, focus on understanding the pollution causes and countermeasure of Haihe river; Tours and study the air purification and sewage treatment technology, reach the cooperation intention with coal controlling, sewage treatment enterprises. After the meeting, my company according to the national policy, plan in the energy control, dust control, sewage control with specific aspects such as product research and development. Is expected in the near future, my company will contribute to a force in new environmental protection for the society.

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